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About The Dragons of the Past

As the message arrows go out across Tyria, the Dragons are called upon once again to serve the needs of those who cannot over the odds against them.

From the evil undead Risen, the followers of Zhaitan to the plant type Mordrum, followers of Mordremoth, the Dragons will heed the call. The Dragons were founded after their leader, Morningstar, was betrayed by a guild of epic proportions with dark secrets at every turn. Betrayed and left for dead by the friends he thought he had, Morningstar made his way to the village of Claypool, many miles from the help he needed from the healers in Divinty's Reach. The people of Claypool helped as best they could, and nurse him back to a point where he could be moved. After the healing Morningstar, the ranger, Mirages and the Healer, Lily, made their way to Lion's Arch. They brought the ideas and values to a new guild type. smaller, more efficient, founded on a basic trust and sense of honor not found in the largest guilds of Tyria. They began enlisting from the seasoned and wizend adventurers to the young adventurers just starting to learn their place in the land of Tyria. From mighty guardians to the craftiest rangers. The mist born revenants to the craftiest of mages. The Dragons were formed, a guild of friendship trust. to uphold a sense of honor an loyalty to one another. They achieved their goal of finding the lost golden fort know as Gilded Hollow, a fort forged from battles long, long ago. They had their base from which they could strike back at the minions and the Elder Dragons themselves. The code that they began to live by was to answer the call to arms when needed, to never leave a guild mate to stumble or fall, and to always believe in one another.

This is how the Dragons came to be.

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