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Ready To Join Us?

The major benefit of being in a guild is that there are people that are more easily accessible to play with than trying to find a group. The second major is a place to have fun and even a sense of family/friends that you wouldn't find in just the map chats. The third benefit of being in the guilds is that guilds through the Guild Hall have boosts to offer players looking to boost their experience in such things as player versus the world (PvE), player versus player (PvP), World versus world (WvW). As well as crafting boosts that will help you reach the max of whatever you choose to craft. The boost to crafting good farms will help you get higher tier items when you farm the materials. We hope that joins can find some benefit from our guild.

The future of the Guild depends on the players that join with new ideas and suggestions for events and from just asking for events in the guild chat. We wish to grow without exceeding maximum of one hundred players. We wish to maintain the feel of family and the same mentality within the guild. We also wish for more players to join us in our events to help gain favor so our guild level can grow.


For our Guild set up: all joining players are apprentice level. This is a level where a player may find where they fit in the Guild. and how the Guild fits with them.

Dragon Squires are members who like the mentality of the Guild, but simply wish to play without a leadership role.

Dragon Scribe is a for members that scribe for the Guild. they hold a rank like that of the Knights but with more allowances.

Dragon Knights are Officers that administrate the apprentices and squires. Their job is to help the lower ranks when help, advise. and discipline become a needed thing.

Dragon Masters will administrate Knights. Each Knight will answer to one Master to plan and coordinate events such as Dungeons, World Boss trains, Map clearances, World versus World, Player versus player, and Guild missions.

Dragon Paladin is the voice of the Dragon Lord when the Lord is away. The Paladin helps to administrate to the Masters, and helps plan major events with Lord.

Dragon Lord is the Guild leader. The Lord is involved in the guild mechanics. The Lord is the dignitary to other Guilds to have them and the Guild work together to accomplish all of our goals.

The Lord, Plaladin, and Masters will work to ensure the mission, rules of the guild fairness, and the future to succeed our goals.

If you would like to join us as a guild member or ally, please contact a guild officer.

IGN Contact information
Our Roster stands as follows with the players you can talk to, to be recruited.
Dragon Lord: MorbiusMorningstar.8043
Dragon Paladin: Charlie.2109
Dragon Masters: Linlee.5402 and Mirages.5139

Additional Guild Recruiters:

Alliance for Glory Eternal [AGE]

Dragons Armada [DAG]
Kaltyn of TorbinsDeep.2946

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